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Legends of Birtish Industry Legends of British Industry Photography by Zoë Law


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Film by Joey Barlow

Zoë Law

Zoë Law


This series of portraits was born from my decision, in 2017, to photograph people I considered to be British legends – industry leaders, icons of the creative industries, sport stars and others – including those who have had an impact on my life and my career. The series took off immediately and soon had a life of its own. I came up with what I consider uniquely appropriate concepts for all the subjects. Here are three examples.

Sarah Reygate is one of the world’s most successful, and one of the most beautiful and glamorous, celebrity makeup artists. She is the epitome of a 1950s’ movie star, so my inspiration was obvious. The artist Lorna May Wadsworth is exceptionally glamorous but I had to shoot her in bed: she has a daybed in her studio and, when not feeling the least bit inspired, will just go to sleep. I love her for that! The director of the National Portrait Gallery, Nicholas Cullinan, is powerful, charismatic, superchic, and dedicated to his role at the NPG. For me it was obvious that his image should be strong, contemporary and direct, but with a nod to the classics – which is why I incorporated the painted dark canvas backdrop.

These are just three examples, but there is a story behind the photographs of every one of the 56 subjects of these portraits. I hope you enjoy reading it!

To everyone involved in this project, thank you so much. 
It has been an amazing journey.



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  • Alice Thomson
  • Dame Laura Lee DBE
  • Katie Tait
  • Lydia Spencer
  • Phoebe Campbell
  • Ab Rogers Design
  • Lorna Allan Design
  • Pebble Studios
  • Joey Barlow
  • Tom Powell
  • Eames Music
Photographic Team Arrow icon
  • Lorna Allan
  • Julie Stewart
  • Tom Keen
  • Nina Parsons
  • Barry Woods
  • Pedro Alvarez
Makeup, Grooming hair, Props, Styling Arrow icon
  • Sarah Reygate
  • Malcolm Edwards
  • Liz Taw
  • Tim Crespin
  • Enzo Volpe
  • Naomi Regan
  • Tracie Cant
  • Charlie Duffy
  • Lisa Valencia
  • Zakiyah Shani
  • Adie Brooks
  • Emma O’Byrne
  • Jo Hamilton
  • Elvire Roux
  • Sara Menitra
  • Nadira V Persaud
  • Victoria Bond
  • Amanda Thorell
  • Giovanna Cantone
  • Thomas Liam Davis
  • Karen Preston
  • Nina Thompson
  • Camila Perna
  • Francis Sultana
  • Keziah Powell
Other Arrow icon
  • Ava Foy
  • Jane Blood
  • William Vintage
  • ProLighting
  • Canalot Studios
  • Genesis Imaging
  • The Worx
  • Hapaca Studio
  • Canal Deli
  • Petersham Nurseries
  • JBPR
  • Joanna Brooks
  • Clare Croome